Tuesday, 18 March 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box

So today was a very exciting day for me! After reading several blogs about beauty boxes I took the plunge and decided to subscribe to a few boxes this month to give them a try, and my first one arrived today!

So basically, there are several beauty boxes which are monthly subscriptions of a box containing several beauty samples for you to try out. This specific beauty box is one of the cheaper few and is only £6.95 per month. 

For this particular beauty box you recieve about four or five small beauty smaples, you can actually select two of these samples online before the box is delivered to you so that you have a brief idea of what you are getting. However, because I was new this month and only subscribed half way through the month a few of the top products were taken but it was still very exciting when my beauty box arrived this morning. 

So here is the picture of the box itself, I think it's a pretty simple but sweet design, this box is a bit smaller than the other beauty boxes that I have seen but that was expected as this was the cheapest beauty box at £6.95 unlinked the bigger brands at £12.95.

When you open the box you have a little leaflet which tells you details about the products which are inside your beauty box, it also contains vouchers and money off codes for the products inside the box if you want to purchase them. 

I think the box is nicely presented and packed with lots of shredded tissue paper so that nothing is damaged on the way. 

So in my first months beauty box I got; 

Some Vintage Cosmetic Comanpy toe separators, although these are really cheap, they do come in handy and I could do with getting rid of my old ones so quite happy with these.  
I then got some tea bags from Dragonfly tea, I've never tired this brand of tea before and I really enjoy trying new flavours of tea so I am looking forward to trying these. The flavours are Moroccan Mint which is a green tea and Cape Malay Chai, so they both sound very interesting. 

Next is one of my selected products which was the Paul Mitchell, dry wash spray. It's quite a good size sample at 50ml. I thought it would be a nice alternative to my usual dry shampoo so I am looking forward to testing this. 
Lastly, another one of my selected items was the Dr. Lipp, original nipple balm for lips. This again is a good size product, possible full size for a lip balm. I have tryed it out and at first I found it to be quite thick and sticky which I don't usually look for in a lipgloss however I  willing to give it another try with lipstick etc. 

Overall, I have been really impressed with my first beauty box. Especially as this box is so so cheap I will definitely be staying subscribed for the next few months or so to test out more goodies before making up my mind.

I also have recently subscribed to Birch box which should be coming soon so I will post about that one shortly. There are also a few other beauty boxes I am keen to try however I am trying to budget and therefore I am testing them slowly to rule out which ones will be becoming a fixed subscription. 

If you haven't ever tired a beauty box I really recommend at least a tester month! 

Alice May 



  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, I love getting these every month, its like a little treat :) I nearly chose the dry shampoo but didn't, I think I might buy some though to take camping, I've never used it before!

    1. This month was my first month for the boxes and so far I have loved it. I also got a Birch box which I just posted about. I really enjoyed that one too! This dry shampoo is really good actually, it doesn't leave a chalky effect over you hair like the Batiste one, however the Batiste ones are still amazing, you won't go back once you discover dry shampoo. It really is a life saver! xx