Wednesday, 12 March 2014


So lately I've been trying out a lot of good food/drinks. Typical student life, trying out all the local cafés, bars and places to eat in cardiff. Yes I'm supposed to be poor.

So if you are ever in the local area of Cardiff/Cathays here are some fabby places to try out! 

Firstly Face 11. Face 11 is a cute little bar/restaurant literally a road away from where I am living now, always so tempting. It is a really nice quirky and individual place where they serve lots of yummy cocktails, pizza and burgers. 
The cocktails are usually on a 2-4-1 offer which is even better and the pizza similarly is often but one and get one half price. 
I have a florentina which has a fried egg on the top and was really fresh and delicious they are all home made in the kitchen. So so good. 

Next cafe 37 is the local almost greasy spoon where you will find most hungover students on a Sunday morning. It's pretty cool as it has an American style theme and everything is so cheap. I had just some toast and a amazing malteaser milkshake! So so so good! They also do all of the traddional fry ups which looked very yummy. 

As soon as I heard my local pub served toffee apple cider of course I literally ran there. This Brothers cider flavoured with a hint of toffee apple was super delicious and it was nice to drink it in the chilled out atmosphere of the Woodville, I'm just a big sucker for fairy lights really. However, I did feel pretty sick after the whole bottle as it is very very sweet. 

Barker tea rooms in Cardiff town was spot on. It opened a few months ago and ever since I had been forever waiting to go. I am a typical British girl who loves nothing more than drinking tea in a cute little tea shop accompanied by some yummy cake or scones and some lovely people. What more could you want really? As the vintage tea room seems to be an ever growing thing I am eager to try as many as possible and this one was perfectly fitted with cosy chairs and mismatching crockey! 

I also discovered the wonder of Emma Jaynes cupcakes which is literally a five minute walk from my house in catahys. I've been twice so far and it's an absolute bargain. Tea and cake for £3!!! Why wouldn't you? As you can see I tasted the Oreo cupcake and the chocolate orange cupcake, both were amazing. I am always spoiled for choice, next time I think I might try the cherry bake well or the peanut butter!! 

Finally, I also recently stumbled across tucker on Sailsbury road. It is a recently open cafe/restaurant where they sell a variety of burgers, pizzas and snacks. Its a lovely place to go for a quick catch up with your friend but also in the evenings they have selective nights for a slection of live music and drinks etc. I enjoyed a gingerbread milkshake the last time I visited which was delicious.

So if you are ever visiting Cardiff, or in fact are living the student life in catahys these are for sure the best places (I've found so far) to grab a bite or two to eat. 

Alice May

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