Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Best Places To Eat In Cardiff

As I've only got a few months of my university life left (very very sad), I am desperately trying to make the most of all of the amazing places to eat in Cardiff. Therefore, I thought I would update you on a few recent trips to some great places that I've been to lately in Cardiff. Except more to follow in the next few months.

Bills, Cardiff 
I've always heard good things about Bills and it is really no surprise. I absolutely loved the style of the restaurant as it had a kind of shabby kitchen style to it with lots of wood furniture and bottles and things to look at. I had the nachos to start and they honestly were amazing, they were home cooked and very thin and crispy with a light spice flavoring which really nicely complimented the salsa, sour cream and guacamole. I then went for the halloumi and hummus burger which also did not disappoint. I also really like the presentation of the food on little boards as I think it's a bit different and has a nice feel to it. Overall, I was really pleased with Bills and will certainly be returning before I leave, I might even venture to the one that is in the bay. 

Stag Coffee, Cathays 
One of my regular little student areas in Cathays has to be Stag Coffee. It's a really nice vintage little cafe which has great decor and a mismatch of furniture. One of the downsides however is it is very very tiny inside and you often struggle to get a seat, although saying this on a lovely sunny day there is plenty of room to sit in the garden or outside the front. I enjoyed a cookie crumble milkshake which was delicious and a brie and caramelized onion chutney panini, it was amazing. I would recommend a quick visit if you are ever in the area! 

Coffee Barker, Cardiff 
An ultimate top cafe for me in Cardiff has got to be Coffee Barker. Again it embraces the vintage, mismatch theme with various types of lamps and mirrors hanging from the walls. It's a really nice place to sit and have a drink and a catch up or even to sit and get on with some work quietly. The tuna melt panini is so tasty, filled with cheese and tomato and it comes with a lovely flavored chutney as well. They also have a range of cake flavours such as parma violet however on this occasion I stick with the chocolate sponge, yum!  

Emma Jaynes Cupckaes, Cathays 

Probably my favourite place to go for a cup of tea and of course a cupcake is Emma Jaynes. This tiny little cupcake shop is just so cute and sweet and the sun is always shining in through the window. They have a different range of cupcakes each day such as; salted caramel, chocolate orange, lemon, cherry bakewell, vanilla and lots more. I also love the retro tables with old Beano covers and old chocolate bars. They also sell baguettes for a really good price and you can choose your own chocolate bar milkshake, what is not to like? 

Juno Lounge, Cathays
What an amazing breakfast selection, pancakes, bacon, maple syrup, egg, chips and a sausage patty. It makes me mouth water just looking at it. Juno Lounge is another shabby student style cafe with old picture frames and photographs covering the walls. They do a range of food all day but the breakfasts have got to be up in the top choices and a pretty good price too! 

Overall my favourite place which is listed above has to be Emma Jaynes Cupcakes, for a £2 cupcake you really can't get any better, I honestly aim to try every flavour before I leave Cardiff in July. 
Enjoy eating all the good food, I know I did. 

Alice May