Sunday, 26 January 2014

Candle mad.

So anyone who knows me well will know that I have a slight obsession with candles. 
I am forever burning them in my room to make my room smell lovely and look all cosy and cute. Basically, whenever I am in my room I am burning a candle because I love them that much, so I thought I would share with you some of the candles which I am absolutely adoring at the moment!! 

The candle I'm using at the moment is something I got as a Christmas present, it's a small sized Yankee candle which smells like midnight jasmine. It's a really fresh and relaxing smell, and is really nice to have on at night time before going to bed. 

Yankee candles are quite pricy, however they do last a long time and have such a lovely and strong smell that your whole rooms picks up the scent. 

I was also really excited when two new candles arrived in the post last week. Firstly, my rose tea cup candle. This is such a cute little vintage accessory for your bedroom, I absolutely love it. I haven't yet burnt it because I like it that much however it does smell like roses. 
I also always light tea lights in my room just to again have a bit more light and a few more candles in the room. I normally use plain ikea tea lights or lightly scented ones such as vanilla, although I have recently picked up these sweet heart shaped ones which also smell like rosey flowers. 

The other candle I recently ordered was from Lily Flame, these are also quite expensive but also have a very powerful smell and can burn for up to thirty hours. I chose the Mango Fandango scent as I thought it would give my room a more fruity burst to it. I also love the little chunks which stick out into the candles and I think they just look so fresh and soapy. 

I just think if you want to add a more girly touch to your room add some candles it just makes it that extra bit cosy. 

 Lots of love 
Alice May 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bits and bobs I'm absolutely loving

Hey lovelies, 

So although my New Years resolution was to made sure I blogged more I have to say I have been so so busy with coming back to uni and having exams that I have had no time to blog... 

However, I am back and now free for a while so I'm thinking up some new posts for you all. 

For now, I thought I would just show you a few things that I am absolutely loving at the moment.

Firstly, are these two Body shop products, the strawberry shower gel and the strawberry body polish. I love body shop products as they smell so lovely and fresh and the strawberry is perfect for the spring and summer months which will soon be here. 

This is definitely something I am loving at the moment. My new aqua blue laptop case. This case is from amazon and also comes with a cute rubber key set which turns your keys blue too, which I think makes my mac look even more pretty. The Alice in Wonderland sticker I actually stuck onto the case myself but that is also from amazon and I think it just adds a nice quirky and girly touch to the laptop. 

I am a massive massive fab of all of Rob Ryan's beautiful stencil art work. So I think this calendar will be a favourite all year round for me. Each month has a sweet stencil style picture with a little message. 

I'm always keen to make me room look as pretty, girly and vintage as possible. So therefore I am so pleased how lovely these vintage style roses look when I folded them round my mirror. Very shabby chic! 

Something else I really enjoyed was these selections of chocolates from hotel chocolate. They have a mixture of flavours strawberry cheesecake, chocolate truffle, dizzy praline and rocky road. And the mixture was just perfect what more would you want from a selection really. I honstely don't know. 

Finally, I am also the biggest fan of candles, therefore these little tea lights have got to be the sweetest thing. They also smell so fresh and girly, yum. 

So that's most of the things/bits and bobs I'm really into at the moment. I would love to see what you are all really liking as well!! 

Hope you enjoyed reading,
More posts to follow! 

Love love, 

Alice May