Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 highlights

Hey lovelies, 

I seriously cannot believe that it is very nearly 2014 already, time really does fly. As I haven't done much blogging this year (it's a New Years resolution, I promise) I thought I would share with you some of my highlights from the last year! 

Obviously, as with all years there are highs and lows, but I have to say overall this year has been pretty amazing, to say the least.

I also have to say that most of my happy memories from this year come from the summer months. I am much much more of a summer person, and therefore I think of that as my best memories and also I think the year started to pick up in the spring and those are the memories I would like to share! 

Dressing as Ariel for my birthday was one of the best nights ever, it was the last uni night out before summer and all of me and my amazing uni friends had a disney night out! I had the most amazing night and it was such a lovely thing to do to celebrate the end of freshers and our first year at uni with all of my fab new friends!!! 

My sisters prom wasn't obviously an amazing experience for me but it was lovely to see her looking all lovely and pretty and very grown up and it's just a nice photo of us three! 
Finally got straight teeth, I'm so pleased that I decided to get my inman aligner this year and now I love my teeth, check out my inman aligner post for more information! 

I have also had such a lovely year with this one! And we have done so so much, visited loads of new places and just made loads of memories!!! 

Bestival was wet, cold, muddy and windy.... But SO much fun! I hadn't been to bestival before and it is probably my fave festival so far. There is just so much to do and see and it was so cool!!! 

I stayed in an airstream, on the isle the wight, now that's something pretty cool to say that you have done! I'm really into retro and vintage things so this was right up my street! 

Moved into my uni house with all of my lovely uni friends and we have had the best time so far, it's so nice to have a group of friends who are like a little second family!!

And finally, Christmas was super perfect this year. Even though I'm getting old it still felt so cosy and magical and I wish it wasn't over. 

However, I have some really good feelings about next year seeing as this year has ended on such a high I am pretty excited to see what next year brings! 

Have a good one everyone, 

Love and hugs, 

Alice May 

Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas nails

As we all know the festive season is immensely busy! Therefore, there has been a lack of blog posts from me over the past week or so! 

However, I am now back and very keen to update you of all of my Christmas excitement, gifts and such. 

Over the Christmas period it is a great time to always be painting and doing my nails. I'm the sort of person who will always always have nail varnish on and I frequently change colours and try out new styles. 

As Christmas has been super super busy, I haven't had much time to try out proper nail art as such. But I have gone glitter mad!!!! 

For my first Christmas nails, I went for a simple blue Barry m colour, number 294, cyan blue. It almost reminded me of really cold frost and snowflakes. I then used the models own clothes show live, showstopper nail varnish  which is chunky blue glitter bits, however they look silver on my nails. 

 I also tried out another models own glitter nail varnish, sunset chill out. I really like this glitter nail polish as it is made up of a range of colours such as blue, pink and gold and it looks different depending on the colour you put behind it. Here I used another Barry M, coral. However, I wasn't really a fan as it reminded me a bit of a barbie girl theme.

A few days later I changed the background back to the Barry M, cyan blue and again used the sunset chill out nail varnish, getting a completely different look. I have to say I am a much bigger fan of blues and purples on my nails, so I thought that these looked fab and very glittery and festive. 

Finally, right before Christmas I decided I must have a bit more of a festive touch. I did try and paint some festive images onto my nails however, this did not go to plan and therefore I resulted back to the glitter style again. 

Here, I again used a Barry M nail colour in the background, this time, 290, spring green. I love this green colour as it stands out and it reminded me of Christmas trees! I then used yet another models own glitter, dancing queen. Which has lots of lovely green, gold and silver specs of glitter!! 

Now who knows what my nails will be like for new year!!

I got a lot of lovely new nail polish for Christmas, so I'm sure there will be much more nail posts to come.

I also found I got several complements from these nail varnishs, mostly when put shopping, so give them a try!! 

However, the glitter is a nightmare to get off!! 

Look out for some more post Christmas blog posts! 

Happy new year!! 


Alice May 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


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Kisses xxxx

Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas decoration day

It's Christmas, well nearly.

Today we did all the super fun Christmas activities, putting up the tree etc, that is always one of my faveourite times of the year. Just super fun and cosy. 

So I put on my Christmas jumper, primark £12. Got to have a Christmas jumper! 
Aww I just love the little snowman so sweet. 

We always have two trees, one in the lounge that's all smart and gold and one in the conservatory which I love most full of all different colours and cute decorations. 

We used to have a tradition when we were all small where we used to all put on something red and decorate the tree. We don't do that anymore but my red Christmas jumper fitted perfectly. 

All of the gold decorations for the tree. 
I look seriously mad here but found some reindeer antlers so why not stick them on... 
Not sure he was as happy as me ;). 

After dad had put all of the lights on! 
I love love love sitting in the lounge when it's all Christmassy and just watching a film and getting all snuggly, has to be one of the best feelings ever. 

This is my absolute fave decoration so far. I bought it for mum last year from paper chase and I just find it so cute and funny. I mean who wouldn't want a bull dog, dressed in a tutu in their house at Christmas :). 
Every year mum seems to add more decorations to the house so we always have cute little things like these trees dotted about the place. 
She also always loves to get some festive loo roll! Why not right? 
Think we are going to move this tree soon as it's got a bit cramped in the corner!! 

Anyway hope you enjoyed have a little peek inside my house, I'm hoping to do a bedroom tour at some point whilst I'm back for a while or so! 

Much love 

Alice May xxxxx

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Inman Aligner

This is a bit of a different post today but I thought it might be interesting for quite a few people.

It's about the Inman Aligner which is a removable brace which straightens your teeth in several months time. 

I never really thought my teeth were that bad until I actually got my Inman Aligner. I mean I didn't really love my teeth but I honestly was not that bothered by them at all. My mum however was always saying that we should try and do something about them. When I was at school I had been to several author dentists however all of them said I wasn't applicable for a brace as my teeth weren't bad enough, etc etc. Anyway if I did want a brace (train tracks) I would have been looking at between £4,000 to £6,000 which obviously was not even considered. 

Several years later my mum started looking up on the Internet several types of braces especially more discreet ones used my celebrities and such. When we found out there was a local dentist near me who did Inman Aligners we thought we might as well give it a shot. 

The price of an Inman Aligner is £1,500 for one set (top or bottom). Luckily my bottom teeth are pretty straight so I was only interested in getting my top set done. It was pretty quick the whole process, after my first consultation I had a mould and things taken so they could see if I was applicable for the Inman Aligner. After this my brace was made and I was shown how to apply it. At first I found it really hard to attach to my teeth, I just couldn't seem to get it in and my mouth got really sore but after a week or so I got the hang of it and the rest was fine!

I personally only had to have my Inman Aligner on for about 3 months but obviously this can depend on how often you wear it and how bad your teeth are etc. 

Basically the Inman Aligner clips onto your teeth and pushes them into place. You also have some small sections of composite stuck onto your teeth for about a month of your treatment which are then later removed as they to help attach the brace. 

The Inman Aligner works, like I said, by pushing your teeth together. Every two weeks you have an appointment with your dentist in which he will check how your teeth are moving you will also have some IPR. 

This is a lot more scary then it sounds, basically your dentist will file between your teeth with some metal to create a tiny gap (which you can't even see) this allows your teeth to move into place when they are pushed by the brace. This happens about every two weeks or so. It doesn't hurt, it's just one of those cringey and uncomfortable feelings and trust me this is coming from me and I can't stand the dentist. That is literally all it is, no injections or anything. 

Here is my teeth before I started the treatment;

I find it really odd to look back at my teeth because it makes me notice how different they are now. I am actually so so glad that I decided to get the Inman Aligner. Obviously the brace isn't for everyone. You are supposed to wear the brace 24/7 and only take it out to eat. Of course, being a full time uni student this was not always possible for me. I didn't really want to wear my brace out in public because I didn't want to be embarrassed as it does make your mouth quite full and clumpy and it is hard to speak, especially at first. I tried to wear it as much as possible and usually still managed a good 15-20 hours wearing the brace per day and my results were still complete in about 3 months.

Several weeks on I already began to see changes in my teeth. Although at first the Inman Aligner creates a lot of pressure on your teeth as it is always pushing you begin to get used to this feeling. The first few weeks my teeth were quite tender and sore however the pain was not unbearable, it was just a dull ache and quite painful to chew on tough food. My speech when I first got the brace was also very lispy and all of my uni friends had a good laugh at me spitting everywhere but you mouth does quickly adjust to this new thing in your mouth.

I really was impressed with how my teeth were moving, it was hard to see it in person but when I looked back at my previous photo's the change was amazing when so little work was actually being done on my teeth. 

Here is a picture of what the brace actually looks like in your mouth, although a clear plastic it is still noticeable in your mouth and people would know it was there when you are wearing it. Also these photos were taken at a later stage when my teeth were more straight as it was easier to show how the brace actually looked.

One of the final stages of treatment is to get two bits of composite stuck onto your two front teeth to help anchor the brace and straighten out your front teeth. I was quite worried about this as I really did not want two bits of hard tooth material sticking out from my front teeth. However, as in the pictures they really are not that noticeable and are actually covered by your lip a lot of the time.

These final pictures are the finished product of my teeth. I only had to wear my inman aligner for about 3 months and I can not promote it any more. I am so so pleased with my teeth now and just looking back at the pictures shows a massive difference. I now only wear a retainer at night like any other person who has already had a brace. I also decided to have my teeth filed slightly as my canines reminded me of fangs and when straightening my teeth I found one of my front teeth was slightly longer than the other. This is again a quick and pain free process which just adds a finishing touch.

I hope this helps anyone who is considering getting and Inman Aligner. I know I read and watched lots of blog and videos before fully committing to mine.
Any questions are welcome.
Lots of love and straight smiles

Alice May