Thursday, 20 March 2014

e.l.f Haul

So a few months ago a brand new e.l.f store opened in Cardiff and last weekend I thought I would buy a few things.

I've previously bought some elf products online as they are always really good value and a pretty decent brand. However, the store is really nicely designed and laid out in one of the arcades in the city centre. 

They have plenty of space and plenty of items, if I had more money I would of definitely bought more than I did but luckily I will be able to pop in anytime now! 

Firstly, I bought the elf mineral infused primer. I've previously seen this mentioned on a few blogs and I was really keen to give it a try. It was priced at £6.95 which is a bargain and it is quite a good sized bottle. 

The primer is a really nice consistency and makes your skin feel so smooth and lovely once you put it on. The pump mechanism is really handy as in one pump you get the perfect amount needed for your face. So far I am really impressed with it and would certainly buy it again. 
Next I picked up several make up brushes, I was really in need of a new foundation brush I also got a eyeshadow brush. Both of these were £3.95. 

The foundation brush I chose was the angled foundation brush. I'm still not to sure on my opinion of this, I find the brush quite firm and hard to blend make up with on my face. However, I'm continuing to try it and will see if it softens up. 

I also got the eyeshadow 'c' brush, this a really good petite size perfect for eyeshadow palettes. However it is also quite a hard and firm brush to use where as I prefer something a bit softer. 

One of my top items which I bought was this moisturising lipstick in the colour coral cutie. At only £3.95 this lipstick is a really nice creamy sort of texture. I am also a massive fan of the orangey summer colour which is not to full on and adds a nice nautural summer look to your lips! 

I also got the elf contouring blush and bronzer which was also £3.95 in the colour Turks and Caicos. I really love the size and shape of the set and it also comes with a mirror which is always handy. 
I really like the blush as it is a nice light and nautural colour for the cheeks however I found the bronzer quite heavy and dark, although in the summer months I think I will get more use out of the bronzer shade. 

Finally, I had to pick up one of these eyeshadow sets for £10. This is the baked eyeshadow palette which I got in the colour California. 
The palette consists of ten different eyeshadow shades which works out at only a pound per colour which I think is amazing. Although in comparison to the naked pallete the eyeshadow is not as soft, the colours are still really pigmented and they are blend nicely together to create a lovely effect. I love all of the brown and shimmery shades and I think it is a great palette to have on a budget perhaps whilst you are saving for the naked one. 

Overall, I am really impressed with elf cosmetics and I think at the price they are it is a great brand to test and try out perhaps before buying more expensive versions of things. 

Alice May 


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  1. LOVE that Coral lipstick I am definitely picking that one up :) lovely haul and lovely blog, thanks for stopping by my elf haul!