Thursday, 12 December 2013

University room, year two

Hey sweets,

So following my post from last year I thought I would do another post on my university bedroom. As I'm in my second year now, I've moved out of halls and into a pretty small and student type house. I've got quite a small room compared to my room at home however I do think it's pretty cute and cosy and I do always love decorating my room when I move in, so take a look! 

We picked our rooms out of a hat so that it was fair and I was lucky and got a room on the second floor. I like it because the sun shines through which is pretty nice in the morning. 

I always like my room to look really homely and cosy, especially as I spend a lot of my time in here doing work and things. I also love the vintage, shabby chic look.

I've taken a lot of things from my room last year, and as you can see from my pictures my taste is very flowery, girly and Cath Kidston like.

I've got some floral bunting from Acessorize which lines the top of my wall and gives my room a bit of colour. I'm quite lucky that all of my furniture in the room was already white, so it all goes really nicely together.
My bedding is from Ikea and was pretty cheap, again I think it just adds to my room and makes it look all cosy, similarly I have a flowery throw/blanket on the end of my bed which was from Tesco. It's pretty amazing where you can find all sorts of nice items for you room.

 I've left my chest of drawers at the end of my bed just to have my candles on as it looks really sweet at night when its dark. One thing I love about being in a house is that I can actually burn candles. I just got some little vanilla tealights from ikea and found these little candle holders in a shop called Tiger which is kind of a much smaller version of Ikea, it is fab.

I've then just added a few photo frames, and my Urban Outfitters light up bunny, which all of my friends seem to hate but I love. I also have that metal looking bulldog ornament, it's actually a money box, but I just think it looks cool sat on the side there.

 This has to be one of my fave things in my room. It's a vintage Mary Poppins vinyl which was passed down to me from my great great Aunty who is 98. Crazy, when I got it I just had to frame it because I think it looks super cute and I am a massive Disney fan.

I also have another vintage style bed sheet. This one I got from BHS, again I was really surprised at how nice the bedding sets were in there. I also got one of my cushions there, its a really sweet old style postcard with a bow and some birds on. My other cushions are from last year, so are mentioned in my previous post, and then of course I have Mike Wazoski.

I also got this really cheap photo frame in Tiger, it was only £5 which I thought was such a bargain.

And then my laptop sticker and case I got on Ebay, and they just add to my girly room style.

 The far corner of my room I'm not actually that much of a fan. It gets really crowded as I do struggle a bit for storage space which is annoying so it is often very very messy over there.

I've put up a little pin board on the wall which I have just stuck on some postacards, pictures, cards and letters and any memories that make me smile. I love my fairy lights, in fact my room needs more, it just makes a room feel so much more warm and cosy. Literally every night I stick my lights and candles on and get into bed and feel mega snug.

 My desk also gets kind of cluttered around with all my work and books and such, but I managed to find a picture where it is quite tidy.

I haven't commented too much about where everthing is from etc, because a lot of it features in my previous post so go check that out.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment. Thanks for checking out my room, I hope you like it.

Much love,

Alice May

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