Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Clothes Show Live

Hey hey hey,

So this is just a pretty quick post. Just want to get back into the swing of blogging and such.

Anyway, last Friday I went to the clothes show live, in Birmingham. I'd never been before but always wanted to go, so when I found out the Cardiff Fashion Society were going I was of course mega keen to get in on it.

Basically, it's in a big building with loads of halls which is full with stalls of make up, beauty and fashion items. Literally, there is sooo much there it just goes on and on. As I hadn't been before I didn't really know what to expect but it was amazing.

As you can see I chose to wear a vintage style dress, with a vintage style cardigan and think tights, me and the girls I went with also had a cheeky picture in the photobooth when we arrived! 
First thing I picked up was some make up from a few make up stalls, basically alot of them you pay a set price and get a lot more than you pay for. 
So for all of this Barry M make up, I paid £10 which is such a cheaper for all of the amount you get. I absolutely love Barry M nail varnish, they have so many lovely colours and nail varnish is one of my many faveourites. 
I then went over to Models Own and again got all of this for only £10. This was amazing as you were also able to chose three nail colours yourself, I opted for a green glittery colour (pretty festive) and then a pinky glitter which again was nice and Christmas/new year like. I also chose a black nail art pen as I love experimenting with different patterns and such on my nails and I manganed to loose my other one. 

I also spent £5 on a Rimmel set, which came with a mascara, fake tan, nail varnish and a foundation sample, again which would at least be worth about £20 on it's own. So lots of bargains there. 

I also got a cute little t-shirt with elephants on, it was only £18, it's pretty loose fitting but I thought it would look nice with jeans and leggins maybe in the spring time as it's got lots of greens and lighter colours in. 

Lastly, I was absolutely blown away by they catwalk at the clothes show itself. It was really well done and my pictures do not at all do it justice, it was just full of colours and such lovely girls. If only I could be a model. 

 Anyway, this is a bit of a simple and rushed post but I hope you enjoyed it. I'm really excited about starting to post more on here. 

Much love, 

Alice May 

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