Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas decoration day

It's Christmas, well nearly.

Today we did all the super fun Christmas activities, putting up the tree etc, that is always one of my faveourite times of the year. Just super fun and cosy. 

So I put on my Christmas jumper, primark £12. Got to have a Christmas jumper! 
Aww I just love the little snowman so sweet. 

We always have two trees, one in the lounge that's all smart and gold and one in the conservatory which I love most full of all different colours and cute decorations. 

We used to have a tradition when we were all small where we used to all put on something red and decorate the tree. We don't do that anymore but my red Christmas jumper fitted perfectly. 

All of the gold decorations for the tree. 
I look seriously mad here but found some reindeer antlers so why not stick them on... 
Not sure he was as happy as me ;). 

After dad had put all of the lights on! 
I love love love sitting in the lounge when it's all Christmassy and just watching a film and getting all snuggly, has to be one of the best feelings ever. 

This is my absolute fave decoration so far. I bought it for mum last year from paper chase and I just find it so cute and funny. I mean who wouldn't want a bull dog, dressed in a tutu in their house at Christmas :). 
Every year mum seems to add more decorations to the house so we always have cute little things like these trees dotted about the place. 
She also always loves to get some festive loo roll! Why not right? 
Think we are going to move this tree soon as it's got a bit cramped in the corner!! 

Anyway hope you enjoyed have a little peek inside my house, I'm hoping to do a bedroom tour at some point whilst I'm back for a while or so! 

Much love 

Alice May xxxxx


  1. Christmas tree is beautiful!
    I like your sweater :)

  2. Your jumper is just soooo cute! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! x

  3. great blog post :)
    check my blog out you might like it =)

  4. Cute deco ^^ im a new follower ;) check out blog if you like xx

  5. I've never seen festive loo roll, wow I never thought there was such thing! We put our tree up last weekend and I'm super excited (only two days ekk!) I love your jumper by the way. xx