Friday, 22 March 2013

Just a quickie xx

Just a quick one today as I'm off one for 3 weeks for Easter yay! So so excited to go home and see my lovely family and friends, and get some money from work!

Anyway haven't bought too much lately just a few bits which I will attach below as blogging from my phone!

Went for a lovely lunch with my friend in crepe affaire in Cardiff! Such lovely pancakes, I had banana and Nutella!

Okay so the little fox socks my grandma got me as a gift, from marks and spencer and I just love them as I love anything a little bit quirky and odd! I also got the standard topshop frilly socks in black, I honestly have sooo many but my black ones I managed to some how sick up into the Hoover! I know... So of course I had to get another pair!

I also thought I should get a new phone case and got this one for about £2 on eBay, I thought it was very summery almost like melted ice cream?

I got the cute little anchor pumps for primark for £8 as I thought they would be causal for when the weather is a little bit nicer and I also got the little make up bad for £2 just so I don't leave my make up all scattered in my handbag!

Also picked up the little war cuffs for £1.50 as just really liked them and they were such a bargin!!

Needed some new nail varnish and really wanted to try the gel Barry m and again I thought the colour there like bluey green was very spring and fresh and the purple looked nice too! Also needed another eyeliner and it was 3 for 2 yay!

Anyway that's about it! Hope you all have a lovely sunny Easter! I'm sure I will update you when I'm back home!

Alice may

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