Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Feburary buy's

Hey cuties,

I thought as we are now waaay into March now I would give you a little update on some of my purchases throughout February, so here we go I guess!

So basically being the poor student that I am, I don't tend to spend too much per month as I really do want to save a bit of dollar for the summer! 

Anyway first thing that I bought at the start of the month was this dead cute bunny night light from Urban outfitters! 

 So yes, that's the night light, this was only £8 which I thought was a bargain and add its like homelyness into my uni bedroom and looks so cute at night with my lights off! It's just a dull light really and its battery powered so it can go anywhere in your room, all of my flatmates hate it which makes me love it even more really (Bedroom post to follow)
 I also bought this iphone 5 phone case as again, I thought this was really sweet and girly, as I love flowers and anything pretty looking, this was just £2 from ebay, although I did see it in poundland actually obviously for just £1 but I think they only have it for the iphone 4, in purple and pink!

 This cute little pug cushion was such a bargin, only £4 from Primark, again I thought it was trendy little thing to add into my room and my flatmates again HATE it, which just makes me laugh! But seriously, £4 you can't go wrong can you. (Bedroom post to follow)
 I'd wanted a pair of high waisted almost vintage looking shorts for quite a while and had my eye on these and just went for it in the end! These were £30 in River Island, and I think they will look fab in the summer with just a loose top tucked in! I like the fact that these shorts are a bit longer than my others and will be easily worn with anything, I also love the belt as it is similar to my Urban Outfitters cross belt and have already worn this belt on a night out with a high waisted skirt and crop top! So can't wait for it to warm up so I can actually wear these beauties!
 Haha, these do make me laugh, for anyone who knows me I do LOVE Ariel from the Little Mermaid (I promise I'm not a freak) but yeh, I saw these in Topshop and just had to get them almost as a bit of a joke to myself really, they were £4 and I will probably only wear them when I'm having a bit of a slouchy chill day around the flat as they are big and very comfy!
 I've just noticed that looking back, February has actually been quite an expensive month, oh dear! Anyway, this necklace I also got in Topshop, I thought it was quite cool as I had been looking for a spike sort of one for ages just to go with jumpers like this or a dress or something just to add a bit of taste to my plainer clothes, I think this might have been £12, however I am not 100% sure on that but I love it and will deffo get my wear out of it!
 As my last lipstick I happened to drop on a night out and create a lovely mush, I thought that I was in desperate need of a new one! I love this almost coral red one, from the Kate Moss range of Rimmel London in Boots, This is number 110 and I think it was just £4, looks fab to add to any simple outfit or glam yourself up on a night out! I also had a gift card from my Uncle so this didn't cost me anything!
 So when I went home, my lovely Mummy treated me to a make over at Benefit which was so so so fab, that I have booked another one for when I'm next home yay! I don't normally even consider Benefit purely because it is so expensive but I think I will 100% in the future! I had my make up done in a kind of sophisticated evening style as I still like my make up to be sort of natural. I loved pretty much every item but in the end settled for the fine one one blusher/lipstick cream thing, which is really cool and you can use on your lips or cheeks and just adds a bit of color and life! However it is £30 and then I just got the number one selling mascara Real which is so amazing and makes your eyelashes look great but again is £16.50. But I would say to you all check out Benefit, even if you just get a little sample of make up done it is fab!

 I love all weird things and everyone always laughs at me and takes the mic really, but anyway I had to get these little Topshop cat socks for £3, they are just so funny (I don't even really like cats) but however they don't really look like cat's when you put them on which is a shame! But still CUTE!

Anyway lovlies, that is all for my purchases from last month (quite a lot I know) Hope you all enjoyed reading this, let me know if you have any questions! I will work on my bedroom post ASAP! Hugs and kisses 
Alice May

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  1. Love those cushions and the little rabbit lamp is so cute haha

    Lauren-Jade @ Dainty Bones